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I’m associate professor (Maître de conférence) at « Arts et Technologie de l’Image », Paris 8 University.

My researches are focused on art and video games.

I teach 3d modeling (Maya / Blender),  C# programming (Unity) and Shading for real-time rendering (CG/GLSL).

I studied visual arts (Arts plastiques) at Bordeaux 3 University and computer graphics (Arts et Technologie de l’Image) at Paris 8 University.

I have a master degree in visual arts (Arts et Technologie de l’Image)

I also have a PHD in Arts, made at Paris 8 University (28 november 2016).

I made games for 10 years. They were experimental, weird, anti-, classical, design, artistic, etc.

I live in Pontoise, near Paris, France.

I founded Alineaire collective with my friends. We create experimental games : www.alineaire.com


I wrote a thesis in arts about [FR] « Sensibilité artistique et création vidéoludique : critique du jeu par le jeu et modèle ludographique » (Artistic sensitivity and video game creation : critic of game by game and ludographic model).

By putting a distinction on experience and sensations, sensitivity is placed at the very center of the creation of a work of art. In order to let this artistic sensitivity be expressed, an attempt to change the creative act in video games has been conducted. Indeed, the creation of this medium has been directly followed by an industrial approach built in opposition to artistic expression. In this thesis, three methods of creation are highlighted : the designing of game, the industrial game design and the sensory game design. However, through these methods, the subjective experience of the creator seems still distant from what video games are. By prioritizing the place of the author and a creativity focused on sensitivity, a more personal and artistic approach is supported, that is : the ludography approach.

This ludographic model enables us to take into account the physical sensations coming from the artist’s experience and to transpose this into the video game in order for the player to then  be able to appropriate it. This concept highlights the player’s emersion experience that enables him, by using some meaningful movements, to be conscious of his own actions and his own experience in the action, and this through the interactive dialogue with the virtual representations that are found in a ludographic creation. A research-creation has been conducted by using two artistic approaches : The autobiographical video game and the video game installation. The data collection that has been based on seven creations made by the artists group Allineaire, has been done using the Elicitation methodology of C-Y. Chen and the explication interview methodology of P. Vermersch. This approach is bringing a reflexion on the poiesis regarding digital, interactive and videogaming artistic creations.

In short words : How the industry of videogames creates a way of thinking the creation hostile of an artistic aproach and how to resolve it.

Digital Artist : Art + Game

Since 2013 I create videogames with the artistic collective Alineaire. I created a lot of experiences and exhibit some of them in artistic places like Ars Electronica (Austria) or Cent-Quatre (France). I want to experiment videogame as an artistic medium. It doesn’t mean that I consider videogame as a form of art : I think videogame is a very good playground for experimenting new way of touching and feel an artistic expression. At the beginning of my practice, I was really focused on a way of translate the game in the art field.

But I realized later that games and what you feel playing could be an artistic way of touching the world a different way. Also, I hate expressions like « games will change the world » or « games is the new art media ». First, It is a big industry with big money. Second, games doesn’t need to be reconize as a form of art, it already exist as an interesting media. But as a form of art, I mean without all this industry-bullshit, game expression is more complexe, close to body expression, happening, very-sensorial arts. Games let you be a part of the message or the artistic vision. The action is very central, as the interaction and game naturally leads. So as an artist, you don’t just put yourself in the creation, you create a space between you, the world-as-you-see-it and the player.


First experimentations

I’m trying since 10 years to experiment the bounding of videogames. I began by creating anti-games-joke-troll like « Le Perdu » (or « The Game Over ») witch is simply a Title Screen and a game over, or « The Fastest RPG Ever« , a game about all rpg stereotypes. At the very beginning, it was just for fun. But, a lot of friends were seriously interessted by theses stuffs. So I tried to experiment deeper with autobiographical games like « The Blue Bus Lost in a Forest » (Yes, I searched a trully blue bus in a forest when i was younger) or « Public Official« . Founding the artistic game collective Alineaire was certainly the best decision of the last years. All my friends helped me to create greater games, bigger and with more money. So my journey continue with another pervasive games with artistic installation. It truly oriented my research on body sensation and the impact of emotional thinking and the place of subjectivity in game creation.



I founded Alineaire in 2013 to help me release more cool projects with my friends : Henri Morawski, Mélanie Machado, Sylvain Raudrant, Noellie Velez, Pascal Viette, Gaëlle Oliveau, Jérémie Aronowiez. We made games like Everyday I’m Working, Duckitty, Super, DataCore. We seek to extend the definition of a videogame by experimenting its bounding. We’re in pervasive games, body motion games, and art games.

You can find our creations on our website : www.alineaire.com


Observatoire des Mondes Numériques en Sciences Humaines (OMNSH)

I’m also member of the french association of researchers in the numeric field OMNSH : http://www.omnsh.org/remy.sohier

In 2015 i joined the board of administrator with Vinciane Zabban, Marion Coville, Bruno Vétel, Fred Pailler, Haude Etienne and Sébastien Hock-Koon. The Association is human and social sciences collective, we study digital technologies.Since 10 years we promote open ressources sharing.


Super Paint Artist

Watch my strange addicition to paint art. I mean, « Paint », the software by Microsoft. Sometimes I create a Pure Masterpiece of Art for my friends’ brightdays : http://superpaintartistman.tumblr.com/



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