Alineaire and experimental video games


Alineaire is a collective of digital artists founded in 2014 that mixes game, technology and gestures. We create digital and interactive installations strongly inspired by video games, exhibited in France and abroad, in libraries, festivals and art galleries.

Alineaire’s philosophy

We create our own games, both conceptually, as well as in terms of software and hardware. Thus, we develop our games using different programming languages, we create our own visuals (images, videos, textures, shaders) and we compose our own music. In order to have maximum creative freedom, we also create our own peripherals (carpentry and electronics). Thanks to these means, each member personally appropriates the Alineaire project. Whether as an object of creation, analysis, curation, as a process of creation or reception, we invest our experiences as a field of experimentation and make us reflect on the artistic scope of video games.

Our main objective is to question the narrative and artistic means of video games. For the narrative, we invest our personal experiences in the creation of games in order to produce intimate and authentic works. For the artistic, we engage our sensitivity with both a conceptual and a political view of the world. The whole is organized on a definition of the game as a poetic action where doing is as important as seeing or hearing. In fact, we defend that video games can be considered as an art, capable of poetry, reflection on the world and a sensitivity of their authors.

What is the game in the artistic sense proposed by Alineaire? It is above all an art of inventing the game, of the game as a way of looking at the world, of the game as a poetic sensitivity. Thus, play is defined as a cultural activity that evolves with the times, encounters and experiences. It is in this sense that we make games with modern technologies. But the game we are interested in always involves a first-person impact, through the body’s action on the world around it. Above all, the game as a way of being in the world is, for us, a game as a way of being through action in the world. Gambling is acting in first person, sometimes to experience pleasure (entertainment), sometimes to experience the world differently (empathy), sometimes to ask questions.

Artistic projects

Bellow, a list of artistics projects I worked on. Alinieaire made others projects I’m not involved in.

Everyday I’m working
Live 6 stories with a rythm game.
Coin-Coin contre Minou
Touch your partner to win the game
Play 10 random microgames with the impossible controller
Fuir la guerre
Play two alternate stories of migration
16 buttons of floor will light up to increase game fun
Light Mood
An infinite mirror game with a light loop
A game jockey experience for 5 players