Game jockey and video game live performance

The game jockey is a practice between video games and disk-jockey. It is a live performance with a crowd playing a mix of game samples performed by a jockey.

I study this new form of video game live performance with my research-creation. At the beginning, i was interesting in outdoor games, new electronic devices and a live performance of game creation. In my phd thesis (2016), i experiment theses ideas.

Today, i’m exploring game jockey with differents sub-themes :

  • Technological devices for live performance video games
  • Video games samples mixing problem
  • Aesthetics and artistics practice with game jockey

I’m doing most of the artistics shows in France :

  • « Polarizon », Sceaux, 2018
  • « Alineaire x Chienpo », Lyon, 2018
  • « Multiprise », Paris, 2019
  • « Sortie de Cours », Cergy, 2019

You can contact me if you want a game jockey performance in your city.

I also published on the game jockey subject :

  • Game jockey as an intermediary between DJ practice and video games (2019), Digra ’19 Processding of « Game, Play and the Emerging Ludo-mix » Conference – Kyoto, Japan.
  • New collaborative game experiences, the example of « Game Jockey » (2019), VRIC ’19 Proceedings of the Virtual Reality International Conference – Laval Virtual, Laval, France.


Polarizon, Sceaux, 2018. Experiments of live performance device in videogame context.
« Alineaire x Chienpo », Lyon, 2018. Experiments with live graphic changes in video game live performance.
« Sortie de Cours », Cergy, 2019. Live performance with video samples and videogame live performance.