I wrote a thesis about « Artistic sensitivity and video game creation : Critique of the game by the game and ludographic model ».

It was a doctoral study with research-creation based on my own games. I was supervised by Dr Chu-Yin Chen at AIAC laboratoty, INREV team, Paris 8 University.


By putting a distinction on experience and sensations, sensitivity is placed at the very center of the creation of a work of art. In order to let this artistic sensitivity be expressed, an attempt to change the creative act in video games has been conducted. Indeed, the creation of this medium has been directly followed by an industrial approach built in opposition to artistic expression. In this thesis, three methods of creation are highlighted : the designing of game, the industrial game design and the sensory game design. However, through these methods, the subjective experience of the creator seems still distant from what video games are. By prioritizing the place of the author and a creativity focused on sensitivity, a more personal and artistic approach is supported, that is : the ludography approach.

This ludographic model enables us to take into account the physical sensations coming from the artist’s experience and to transpose this into the video game in order for the player to then  be able to appropriate it. This concept highlights the player’s emersion experience that enables him, by using some meaningful movements, to be conscious of his own actions and his own experience in the action, and this through the interactive dialogue with the virtual representations that are found in a ludographic creation. A research-creation has been conducted by using two artistic approaches : The autobiographical video game and the video game installation. The data collection that has been based on seven creations made by the artists group Allineaire, has been done using the Elicitation methodology of C-Y. Chen and the explication interview methodology of P. Vermersch. This approach is bringing a reflexion on the poiesis regarding digital, interactive and videogaming artistic creations.


Paris 8 :




digital art, video game, virtual reality, creation and design, sensitivity, ludography.



  • 2013 – Prix de la chancellerie.



  • Vice-Versa (Liège, Belgium)


  • Ecole Normal Supérieur (Paris), Séminaire « InGame : Enjeux du Game design « , conférence « Sensibilité artistique et game design dans la création vidéoludique ».
  • Stereolux, « Joueurs / Interfaces Jeu vidéo : contrôleurs du sensible », avec Nicolas Nova, Sylvain Haudegond et Olivier Janin.
  • Paris 8 University, dans le cadre de l’année numérique et journée du jeu vidéo, « Créations de jeux vidéo expérimentaux : du subversif à l’installation artistique ».
  • IAE Savoie Mont-Blanc, « Présentation de ma pratique », Avignon.





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