Since 2006, I create experimental video games. I test the limits of the definition of video game by transforming the rules, by destabilizing our preconceived ideas about video games, or by making fun of the players. These experiments have contributed a lot to develop my plastic conception of video games: we are not obliged to follow the industrial canons of video game production, we can play with the rules of the game.

A partir de 2006, je crée des jeux vidéo expérimentaux. Je teste les limites de la définition du jeu vidéo en transformant les règles, en déstabilisant nos a priori sur les jeux vidéo, ou encore en me moquant des joueurs. Ces expérimentations ont beaucoup contribué à développer ma conception plastique du jeu vidéo : on n’est pas obligé de suivre des canons industriels de production vidéoludique, on peut jouer avec les règles du jeu.

Everyday I’m Working (2013)

Everyday I’m Working is a video game made for the « Retro No Future » festival in Cergy, France, with the theme « Work! It won the public prize. It is a game based on my previous experiments on non-game and anti-game. Six stories are told successively and evolve from the banal to the sordid. A joystick is used to execute a simple gesture that evokes the figurative action. The game is then presented as a gestural poetry, a narration of gestures, a narrative chorographic series.

Everyday I’m Working est un jeu vidéo réalisé pour le festival « Retro No Future » à Cergy, France, avec le thème « Au Travail ! ». Il a remporté le prix du public. Il s’agit d’un jeu qui se repose sur mes précédentes expérimentations sur le non-jeu et l’anti-jeu. Six histoires sont racontées successivement et évolue du banal au sordide. Un joystick permet d’exécuter un geste simple qui permet d’évoquer l’action figurée. Le jeu se présente dès lors comme une poésie gestuelle, une narration de gestes, une série chorographique narrative.

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What are the limits of the definition of a video game?

You have to push the button (2010)

created during the « experimental gameplay project » contest. What seems to be a game invites you to rush out of a room that will flood. Different codes of ergonomics and suspense are exploited to press the player. However, no interactivity is possible, forcing the player to be alarmed and agitated in front of his controllers for nothing.

The fastest RPG ever (2010)

The fastest RPG Ever offers to play a role-playing game in 1 second. 24 situations unfold quickly, forcing the player to rethink his relationship to time.
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The howling scarecrow (2008)

This is an interactive installation created during my art course at the University of Bordeaux 3. A scarecrow is attached to a joystick, allowing to make it howl. By dropping the scarecrow, it squeals, cries, screams, begs, forcing the player to not let go of the scarecrow and to develop a feeling of guilt.

La Ponge (2007)

La Ponge (the sponge) offers you to control a sponge that can move in a closed room. Each position of the sponge has been photographed. It took more than 300 photos to make this game.

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Cube sandwich (2007)

The « Cube » collective was experimenting with new forms of video games and original creation. In 2007, various members proposed to design an exquisite corpse with a video game. Each member expressed himself with his own artistic direction and gameplay choices. I proposed the sequences with photographs, in particular a scene in the toilets where the player is defecated on his screen by an invisible power or a mask which educates the player not to play by punishing him if he interacts.

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Triptych of the first anti-games

jeu au format mp3 (2006)

The game in mp3 format starts from a joke: if from the moment we experience a playful pleasure, can the object of our experience be called a « game »? In this case, an .mp3 file can become a game, if it offers a playful experience. This is the last creation of the triptych of the first anti-games.

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Le perdu (2006)

The Perdu (word game between to loose/to be lost) is typical of the anti-games of this period. A screen and a game over follow each other. The codes of RPG and adventure are present enough for the frustration to be immense.

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Monoton (2006)

The monoton was created with RPG Maker and tests our ability to be bored, while enjoying a contemplative experience.

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