Remy Sohier

MS Paint colorful world

Rémy Sohier is a french digital artist & academic researcher. He mainly uses MS Paint and a mouse to create a colorful world. He also creates art games with Alineaire, publishes papers on digital art and teaches tech-art at Paris 8 University.



Alineaire is a french artistic collective. They create video games for art galleries and experiment new game designs. Learn more.

MS Paint

MS Paint is a the first digital picture software you try. Explore portraits, games and a colorful world with this wonderful tool. Learn more.

Game jockey

Game jockey is a way of mixing games. It explores a realtime gamedesign approach experimented in academic researches. Learn more.


Watch the everydays made with Real-time rendering, Blender 3D and GLSL shaders. Learn more.


Play non-games, anti-games, fake-games, experimental games and explore the boundaries of game defintion. Don’t Learn more.

Classic games

Apart from my experimentations, I have developed video games respecting a classic game design pattern. Learn more.

Autobiographical games

I created games particularly inspired by my intimacy. I tryed to capture theses feelings. Learn more.