Digital art + VFX + Games

Rémy Sohier is a french digital artist & academic researcher. He creates art games with Alineaire, publishes papers on digital art and teaches tech-art at Paris 8 University.



Alineaire is a french artistic collective. They create video games for art galleries and experiment new game designs. Learn more.

Edmond Couchot On french digital art

I’m researching the scientific and artistic work of the French pioneer of digital art theory


Watch the everydays made with Real-time rendering, Blender 3D and GLSL shaders. Learn more.


Play non-games, anti-games, fake-games, experimental games and explore the boundaries of game defintion. Don’t Learn more.

Game jockey

Game jockey is a way of mixing games. It explores a realtime gamedesign approach experimented in academic researches. Learn more.

Autobiographical games

I created games particularly inspired by my intimacy. I tryed to capture theses feelings. Learn more.

Game design

Apart from my experimentations, I have developed video games respecting a classic game design pattern. Learn more.