Game as Art

Hello ! I’m Rémy Sohier !
Maître de conférences at Paris 8 University. I’m affiliated with the laboratoy « Arts des Images et Arts Contemporain » (AIAC), and in the team « Images Numériques et Réalité Virtuelle » (INREV).
My researches are focused on the intersections between art and games. You can check my projects on the top menu. Most of the time, i do research-creation.
I also teach at University in courses of « Arts et Technologie de l’Image » : 3D modeling, texturing, shading, realtime rendering, interactive design, game design, artistic expression.

For my background :

  • 2006-2009 Visual arts (Arts plastiques) at Bordeaux III University.
  • 2009-2012 Computer graphics (Arts et Technologie de l’Image) at Paris 8 University. Master degree.
  • 2012-2016 Phd Thesis in Aesthestics, Sciences and Technologies of Arts (EDESTA, Paris 8 University). « Artistic Sensitivity and video game creation : Critique of the game by the game and the ludographic model ».
  • I founded Alineaire collective with my friends. We create experimental games : www.alineaire.com

Digital Artist : Art + Game

Since 2013 I create videogames with the artistic collective Alineaire. I created a lot of experiences and exhibit some of them in artistic places like Ars Electronica (Austria), Visage du Monde (Cergy). I want to experiment video game as an artistic medium. I think videogame is a very good playground for actions as the center of the artistic expression. This is why all my games and researches are mainly focused on body, action and game feeling.

Some of my work that I’m proud of

Game Jockey and live performance video games

The game jockey is a practice between video games and disk-jockey. It is a live performance with a crowd playing a mix of game samples performed by a jockey. More informations in my dedicated projet page.

Paint games

I love drawing my mates with Microsoft Paint, basic color palette and a simple mouse. It gives some funny drawings. Creating games with theses pictures is quite fun. You can play all of them on my Itch.io page. I recommand you Trump’s Talk. With Paint games, I explore microgames, very short experiments, synthetic subject.

Récréation and alternative game controlers

Récréation was the first step for Game Jockey. It’s a 15 buttons device for outdoor games. It was first exhibited for the opening ceremony for « La Canopée » at Chatelet-les-Halles in France. The buttons helped me create a lot of body centric games. You can check more informations on dedicated Alineaire page. The game and the buttons evolved a lot and are now the basis of many projects with Alineaire.

Games with political content

Fuir la guerre (« Avoid the war ») is a game made in collaboration with Alineaire, Vaclav Havel library and La Cimade association. The latter helps migrants and refugees to regain their dignity and enable them to live normally again. The game I made let you live in two separate world with two different point of view of migration. It helps you understand how you construct your thoughts on migration. Fuir la guerre was exhibited in art gallery (Cergy, France) and in festival ( Hamburg, Germany). More informations on dedicated Alineaire page.

Autobiographical games

During my phd thesis, I created games to explore how it can let me express intimacy and personnal stories. Coin-coin contre Minou is bases on a agression I experienced ; Public Official is based on depression about french administration ; Slender is in My Home is about nightmare I made and how therapeutic a game can be.

Narrative games experiments

At first I started with narration experiments. With The Fastest RPG Ever I tried to produce the most synthetic RPG in the shortest time. And With Everyday I’m Working I experimented what i call « interactive comparison ».


You can contact me at : remy.sohier@gmail.com
Follow me on twitter : @sohierremy
I also have a linkedin.
And you can find me on Google+.
See you soon !